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The New Zealand Law and Practice Examination

The Council requires many overseas applicants to pass all or a number of Parts of an examination on the law of New Zealand.

The Examination consists of a six Part written Examination following a comprehensive self-taught prescription. The exam is held twice a year. Each sitting consists of two days (three Parts per day). The purpose of the Examination is to test the applicant's knowledge of the distinct features of the New Zealand law, and proceeds on the basis that the applicant will already have an understanding of the common law principles in that subject, by virtue of the applicant's overseas law degree.

The Examination covers the areas of Legal System, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Torts, and Equity. Each Part consists of one written Examination of 90 minutes duration.

New Zealand Law Practice Examination Fees

In mid-2020 the Council increased the fee for sitting the NZLPE to $750 per Part, excluding GST. Fees for concession applications were increased to $200 per Part, excluding GST.

The increase in fee was required because of the increased administrative and operational costs to process and assess each assessment script. The increase also includes some additional compliance costs required as a result of COVID-19 including increase in invigilation costs, venue hire, and charges associated with implementing contact tracing and other public health measure controls.

The fees will be held at those rates in 2021. However, the overseas surcharge fee has increased to $300 to account for the additional work required to allow applicants to sit in their home country. This is a non-refundable fee, including if your sitting venue is declined.

March 2021 examination sitting

New Zealand and overseas sitting

General Information (click to download)

For enrolments and administrative inquiries please contact the Examination Administrator Breid Keating at NZLPexam@nzcle.org.nz. For academic inquiries please contact the Academic Co-ordinator Professor Catherine Iorns Magallanes at Catherine.Iorns@vuw.ac.nz. For all other enquiries please contact operations@nzcle.org.nz.

Dates and Times (click to download)

Tuesday 2 March 2021      
Part I Legal System 9:00am - 10:30am Open Book
Part II Contract 11:00am - 12:30pm Closed Book
Part III Criminal Law 2:00pm - 3:30pm Open Book
Wednesday 3 March 2021      
Part IV Property 9:00am - 10:30am Closed Book
Part V Torts 11:00am - 12:30pm Closed Book
Part VI Equity 2:00pm - 3:30pm Closed Book

Please note, the sitting times for overseas sittings will be advised at a later date.

Application form (click to download)

Schedule of fees (click to download)

Request for past papers (click to download)

Prescription for the Examination March 2021 (click to download)

Please download, complete the application form and email with proof of payment to NZLPexam@nzcle.org.nz

Overseas sitting

Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions no overseas sitting will be held, however the Council may allow each applicant to sit the NZLP examination in their home country provided they can satisfy the necessary requirements. Each applicant needs to arrange a suitable venue and independent invigilator at their own cost. Preferable venues are:

• Education institution
• Consulate
• Business advisory Council New Zealand
• New Zealand Embassy

When submitting your application by email to Council, please include the following details:

• Venue
• Contact details of venue
• Contact details of invigilator

Each application venue will be considered individually, and you will be advised of our decision within 10 working days from receipt of application. The Council may decline to approve any venue at its discretion.

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