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Te Ao Māori and Tikanga Māori

On Friday 7 May 2021, the New Zealand Council of Legal Education met for its biannual meeting to consider, amongst other matters, the inclusion of Te Ao Māori into the New Zealand legal education curriculum at universities.

The Council resolved that Te Ao Māori concepts, particularly tikanga Māori, would be taught in each of the core law subjects within the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Laws with Honours degree at a New Zealand university as established by the Professional Examinations in Law Regulations 2008 ("Regulations").

The Council agreed that it would take appropriate steps to amend the Regulations to give effect to that resolution, including the First Schedule which sets out the prescription of the core law subjects.

The Council will shortly commence this process that will follow its usual regulatory process for amendments to the Regulations including consultation with stakeholders (such as academics, students, graduates, practitioners, iwi and other Māori organisations, employers, etc), discussions with relevant Government departments, consideration of transitional arrangements and timeframes, and other related activity such as the appointment of moderators.

The Council will consider the results of the consultation process at its November 2021 meeting. Any recommendations to amend the Regulations are subject to the approval of the Minister of Justice.

We will keep you updated through our website.

Work of the Council

The Council is an independent statutory body. The general activities of the Council concern public interest and regulatory matters and centre on the Council's responsibilities for the quality and provision of education and practical legal training that is required to be undertaken by any person either within New Zealand or from overseas wishing to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

These general activities include:

  • Defining and prescribing courses of study for the examination and practical legal training of persons wishing to be admitted as barristers and solicitors in New Zealand
  • Arranging for the provision of those courses of study
  • Arranging for the moderation and assessment of those courses of study
  • Delivery of practical legal training
  • Assessment of qualifications particularly those of overseas law graduates and legal practitioners wishing to practise in New Zealand
  • Arranging for the provision of research as necessary, and tendering advice on legal education
  • Administering and conducting certain examinations required to be taken by some overseas and other applicants.

Completion certificates

Processing time

Please allow for 6 to 8 weeks (up to 40 working days) processing time from the date your application is received by the Council. All applications received will be processed as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee the date of receipt of your certificate. Please do not contact the council to enquire about the status of your application as this causes further delays.


If you would like to send your application in as a physical copy, please be aware that we can ONLY receive physical applications via our P.O. Box 5671 Wellington. If you use a courier for this please ensure the courier you make use of is able to deliver to a PO Box.

Please ensure that you address your application to the Completion Certificate Division.

NZ Law Graduates only

Email application process - NZ Law Graduates Only

You can now send your Completion Certificate Application From (New Zealand Degree Holders Only) including supporting documents to completioncertificatesnz@nzcle.org.nz. When sending applications to this email, please note that you will not receive a reply to any queries sent with your application. All queries should be directed to operations@nzcle.org.nz.

Fast-track fee - NZ Law Graduates Only

In the event you require a fast-tracked completion certificate application, please email completioncertificatesnz@nzcle.org.nz. Fast-track applications is processed within 8 working days from the date we receive the application, granted that payment and all correct documentation is received. The fast-track fee is $200 (including GST) and is in addition to the standard fee of $189.75 (including GST). Note the fast-track timeframe of 8 working days is not a guarantee as we rely on external organisations and institutions to verify your supporting documentation.

NZLP Examination

New Zealand sitting

Please note that the next sitting for the NZLP examination will take place on 16 and 17 November 2021.

The New Zealand examination will be sat at the University law faculties.

For enrolments and administrative enquiries please contact the Examination Administrator Breid Keating at NZLPexam@nzcle.org.nz. For academic inquiries please contact the Academic Co-ordinator Professor Catherine Iorns Magallanes at Catherine.Iorns@vuw.ac.nz. For all other enquiries please contact operations@nzcle.org.nz.

Enrolment for the November sitting closes on 22 October 2021.

Please refer to the Law Practice Exam tab for more.

Overseas sitting

Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions no overseas sitting will be held, however the Council may allow each applicant to sit the NZLP examination in their home country provided they can satisfy the necessary requirements. Each applicant needs to arrange a suitable venue and independent invigilator at their own cost. Preferable venues are:

• Education institution
• Consulate
• Business advisory Council New Zealand
• New Zealand Embassy

When submitting your application by email to Council, please include the following details:

• Venue
• Contact details of venue
• Contact details of invigilator

Each application venue will be considered individually, and you will be advised of our decision within 10 working days from receipt of application. The Council may decline to approve any venue at its discretion.

For more information about the legislation under which the Council operates, please see the About Us page



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