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Certificates of Completion

Under the Lawyers and Conveyancers (Lawyers: Admission) Rules 2008, in order to show that the educational requirements have been completed, a candidate seeking admission to the High Court of New Zealand needs, to obtain a Certificate of Completion from the Council.

Stale Qualifications

Please note that if any part of your qualification is affected by staleness you will need to make an application for assessment of stale qualifications before applying for your completion certificate. Please click on Stale Qualifications for more details.

New Zealand Law Graduates

NB: If the university where you obtained your degree has now moved to digital academic transcripts, please attach a printout of this document to your application, in lieu of the original hard copy requested.

To minimise delays in receiving your Certificate of Completion, please apply as soon as possible to the Council once you have all necessary documentation to apply for your Certificate of Completion. The application form may be downloaded here.

At the end of your Professional Legal Studies Course, you will receive a certificate from your provider confirming that you have passed the course.

This certificate, along with the other documentary evidence required, and the completed application form, should be sent to the Council.

The Council will then prepare your Certificate of Completion for admission.

Overseas Law Graduates and Practitioners

When you have completed all the requirements imposed on you by the Council, you will be entitled to apply for a Completion Certificate.

The application form may be downloaded here.


You must allow up to 30 working days (for New Zealand LLB degree holders) or 40 working days (for overseas degree holders) for processing. It is preferable that you do not telephone or email us within this period inquiring about your certificate unless exceptional circumstances arise. If we receive unnecessary communications this will simply slow down the completion certificate process. We endeavour to provide prompt and quality service, but the Council’s processes take the above mentioned days to complete, and you must take this into account when planning your admission date.


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