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January 2020 – Increase in Completion Certificate Fee

From 1 April 2020 the Completion Certificate Fee for New Zealand Degree Holders will be increasing to $165.00 (excluding GST). The increase reflects the fact that the fee charged no longer covers the considerable work which is involved in producing the certificate. This increase will ensure that the quality of the process is maintained, while also enabling us to retain the current processing time of 30 working days. Fees have been held at the same level since 1 January 2017.

February 2018 – Fraudulent Documentation

The Council has adopted a policy setting out the consequences for a candidate seeking admission who provides forged or fraudulent documents in support of their application. The policy applies to all applications made to the Council, whether for an assessment of overseas qualifications, an assessment of a stale qualification or for a Completion Certificate.

The Council is entitled to ask a candidate for further information (including other supporting documents) in order to verify any document the candidate has provided to the Council. The Council may also contact the purported issuing person or institution directly in order to verify the document.

If the Council remains unsatisfied that the document is genuine, it may:

  • Decline the candidate’s application (and retain the application fee);

  • Retain the document (and any others provided in support of the application) for as long as the Council considers appropriate;

  • Return the document to the purported issuing institution; and/or

  • Refer the matter and/or provide the document to the appropriate authorities at any time.

The Council will notify the candidate of its concerns in writing and invite the candidate to comment before it makes any final decision as to the veracity of the document.




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